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A – Miami, FL F – Paris, France K – Italy P – Thailand U – Tierra del Fuego Province, Argentina
B – San Diego, CA G – Norway L – Romani Q – Indonesia V – Peru
C – Ketchikan, AK H – Finland M – Turkey R – Australia W – Cartagena, Bolívar Colombia
D – Nova Scotia, Canada I – St Petersburg, Russia N – Xi’an, Shaanxi China S – South Africa X – Mexico
E – Dublin, Ireland J – Morocco O – India T – Buenos Aires, Argentina

A few people have asked how, exactly, you go around the world on a motorcycle. So I tell them.

You do it with a carefully plotted, season-driven course that navigates across continents and contiguous countries until you get to the point where you have to hop some water to get to another land mass.

I’ve divided the trip into continents. Following is a broad overview of the route.

I’m leaving from Miami on March 15, 2014, travelling west to the Pacific Ocean, north to Alaska and then across North America, again, heading east to Nova Scotia.

From there, I’ll fly to Ireland and motorcycle through 23 European countries — side tripping into North Africa and the Middle East. I will then fly from Turkey to India.

After traveling the subcontinent, I will tour Southeast Asia, finishing up in Indonesia where I will take a plane to Australia.

After travelling all around that continent, I will fly to nearby New Zealand.

From New Zealand I will fly to South Africa and tour six additional African countries.

Staying in the Southern Hemisphere, I will fly to South America and ride to its southern-most point – Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. From there, I will head north, cycling through South America, Central America and Mexico back to Miami.

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