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Two days ago I left Cusco and headed west out of the Andes but I encountered huge rocks blocking all traffic just before Chincheros. The locals told me of an old dirt road through the mountains that would take me around the rocks so I took it and 2 hours later I rode into Chincheros where I found a hotel and some curious boys and a dog, who were my welcoming party :).

I got an early start the following day and rode through Ayacucho to Lima.

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Cusco, A Place Of Wonder

Hiked Cusco today. Parades and concerts were happening all around the main square as a lead up to the Festejos de Cusco. This is an awesome place with great people.

Will start heading west toward Lima tomorrow to get some much needed maintenance (tires, oil change, rear brake line repair) for Toruk. Should be there in 3 to 4 days.

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Goodbye Bolivia — Hello Peru

Left La Paz 2 days ago and headed for the Bolivia/Peru border. Met two young men working for a NGO in Peru at the border. They spent hours assisting me workout some final issues with the Bolivian immigration. Watched the sunset last night in Puno, Peru. Rode past old villages that are stilling thriving. Ended the day riding into the famous city of Cusco.

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    Riding The Andes Mountain Range To The City In The Sky –La Paz

Riding The Andes Mountain Range To The City In The Sky –La Paz

For the last 3 days Toruk and I have been flirting with the mighty Andes Mountains and we were not disappointed. We arrived in the city in the sky, La Paz, today. AWESOME!!!

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Santa Cruz — Long Lines For VISAs But Beautiful People

After spending two days in Santa Cruz I finally got my VISA. I find the people here very honest and willing to go out of their way to help. Will head to Cochabamba, Bolivia tomorrow. Looking forward to more sites and sounds of Bolivia 🙂

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