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Kickstand Down — Mission Complete

I rode into Miami escorted by the SOUTHCOM Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club. As we rode into the entrance of United States Southern Command I reflected back to the day I started this journey 16 months ago when the same Motorcycle Club escorted me out of this same entrance to start my world wide ride.

I would like to thank all the great people I met along the way. I will never forget you.

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The Ride Home

Riding south down I-95 into Florida. Had Breakfast with a great friend, HotWing–President of the Buffalo Soldiers Historical Society, in Jacksonville. Ended the day in Miami where I will OFFICIALLY end my journey tomorrow when the SOUTHCOM Green Knight Motorcycle Club will escort me to United States Southern Command in Doral, Florida.

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Arrived In Time :)

She’s here. My first grandchild, Lyric Olivia VanBuren (LOV).

Will head back to Miami for the OFFICIAL end of my journey. Should arrive on 27 July.

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Saying Goodbye To The Mighty Andes

Medellin really impressed me. I rode north and waved at Cartagena and headed SE back into the mighty Andes to Bogota. This will be the end of my sixth continent and I will be heading home via air from Bogota. I’ve got a date with my first grand daughter who is due to arrive in a week or two :).

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Dinner With Friends in Cali — On To Medellin!!!

Last night some friends stopped by the hotel and took me to dinner — THANKS GUYS :). The next morning I continued north on route 25 to Medellin a very upscale city. This is a holiday weekend here in Colombia and there was lots of traffic on the road.

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